Property Tax and Empty Homes Tax Deadlines: Feb 2, 2022

Property Tax 
Property tax is due twice a year in the City of Vancouver: the Advance Tax Levy and the Main Tax Levy. Ensure you make the full payment prior to the deadline to avoid a 5% penalty on any outstanding balance.
  • Advance Tax Levy Deadline: February 2, 2022
  • Main Property Tax Levy Deadline: July 5, 2022
Pay your property taxes HERE

Empty Homes Tax
Vancouver homeowners are required to submit an empty homes tax declaration each year to determine whether their property is subject to the Empty Home Tax. Properties deemed or declared empty in 2021 will be subject to a 3% tax of the property's 2021 assessed taxable value.  Declare the empty homes tax HERE

If you don't own property in the City of Vancouver, then these deadlines don't apply to you! Keep scrolling :)